Chinamed Cosmetics - Natural cosmetics based on TCM
CHINAMED COSMETICS zwei Opalglastiegel Face Cream Eye Cream

Natural cosmetics

based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Made in Germany

Dermatological basis

CHINAMED COSMETICS is an exciting new range of modern natural herbal cosmetics based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and made in Germany to high quality standards.

These unique herbal formulations provide an effective natural solution for anti-aging facial skincare. Chinamed Cosmetics was founded and developed by Sabine Schmitz, TCM doctor (M.Med. TCM, China) and Natural health professional with a private practice in Cologne. She is the author of specialist textbooks and numerous articles on skin health and Chinese herbal medicine, and was awarded Alternative Practitioner of the Year (2020/21 West Germany).

CHINAMED COSMETICS offers exceptional facial care with highly potent TCM herbs. It stands for natural, modern and highly effective skin care. Our signature products contain only ingredients that benefit the skin and do not pollute the environment.


Our powerful herbal formula is created using only the best quality herbs, carefully chosen for their efficacy on dry, sensitive and normal skin, as well as environmentally friendly production and sustainable packaging. The result is healthy skin with a beautiful natural glow.


All processes in the manufacture of our products are subject to high requirements and strict controls. CHINAMED COSMETICS does not use any synthetic fragrances or dyes.

There are no essential oils used in our products, so that they are safe for allergy sufferers. Both the face and eye creams have a natural and very pleasant smell, and a skin-friendly consistency. Free from colours, fragrance, petrochemicals, parabens, PEG derivates, silicones and animal testing.


To protect our environment and the skin, our products do not contain any microplastics, mineral oils, parabens or silicones. CHINAMED COSMETICS uses materials that do not pollute the environment or the climate. We use recyclable opaline glass for the jars, urea lids, and paper instead of plastic packaging. Of course, our products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.


The quality of our products is very important to us, and that is why all our products are dermatologically tested by an independent institute according to the EU-recognized “Cosmetics Europe” standard. With a dermatologically tested skin care product, the customer can choose a product that is not only good for the skin, but is also classified as gentle and skin-friendly.


Highest Quality
of Herbs

Our herbs are certified to German pharmacies requirements and high standards and have Dao-Di quality. That means herbs of ideal origin, quality, highest possible effectiveness and grown under controlled, ecological conditions.

Made in Germany

Developed and produced exclusively in Germany with the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, utilising the most modern technologies and expertise in cosmetics production. Naturally, in accordance with the principles and guidelines of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and the EU Cosmetics Regulation, it is ensured that the customer gets the highest and purest quality.

CHINAMED COSMETICS zwei Opalglastiegel Face Cream Eye Cream


Our signature natural face cream and eye cream are two of the most important daily care companions. These are innovative, herbal-based products with light textures that are incredibly gentle on the skin.

Their design was driven by the need of Sabine Schmitz’s patients in her TCM Dermatology practice for natural skin care, and a philosophy which integrates the knowledge of TCM with cutting edge research, in order to manufacture all-encompassing products that highlight natural beauty.

Both products for face and eye area are particularly rich and highly effective due to the special 11-herb formula, developed by Sabine Schmitz. The result is effective daily skin care that underlines the individual and natural beauty, giving the skin ideal protection and natural anti-aging care.

Manufactured, checked and dermatologically tested entirely without animal testing and according to the strictest quality criteria and standards. Free of any questionable synthetic additives, fragrances and dyes.


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